Making of the "Medusa" Ring

We are proud to present the Behind The Scenes section of the Stown website. Here we will take you on an exclusive tour into our most exciting past, present, and future projects. I'd like to start with the making of our first ever piece of jewelry, the Medusa ring. 

The piece was originally commissioned as a present for the founder of the company. When he would wear it around it was complimented heavily and requested by friends and fans of the brand. The jeweler who sculpted the piece was excellent with his picture taking so we have a great collection from beginning to end of this sculpt.

It started out as a block of Purple carving wax. Using an enlarged photo of the Stown face/Medusa character, dental pick, talc powder, and sheer determination it was painstakingly carved to shape. You can see it starting to take become more 3D prior to being formed with the shank (ring part that goes on your finger). Due to the complexity of the design the face part had to be made separately of the shank and then formed afterwards. 

Once this step was completed the ring was sized and then made into a mold, there are 2 pictures shown where the ring is a greyish color. Once the mold has been made the ring is ready to cast. We opted for 1 oz of sterling silver for this ring, it is after all a statement piece. We also decided to go with a brick effect on the shank of the ring for aesthetics. The ring had to be cast in steps, the jeweler first cast the face and then the shank and then Frankenstein'ed them together. 

The result was and is amazing, Stown Medusa Ring version 1.0 was born. We have since graduated to version 2.0 and offer pendants as well in a variety of different finishes. Our jewelry line can be viewed here 

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