Pencil Pusher Toy

The Pencil Pusher Toy is one of our proudest accomplishments to date. We've been fans of vinyl toys for a long time and have always envisioned creating our own toy.

Standing at 3" Tall, Pencil Pusher's head features our signature Medusa logo with 3D features never before seen. His body is a coil signifying hunger, and his arms are pencils representing our constant evolution as a company. His arms will articulate on this piece, as well as his head. Shown here in the "OG" or original Stown colorway which we used on our original run of Stown clothing/accessories. 

Below you can see pictures of him before and after being painted, we are thrilled with how it came out. Our goal is to make a production run of these toys and distribute them to the masses. 

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Spencer CohenComment