Brainfood Pullover Hoodie

Brainfood Pullover Hoodie


The Brainfood Hoodie is one of the original 2 designs we used for our first step into the world of cut & sew. This Hoodie is an all over front & back printed representation of a painting I did called Brain Food. One day I was kickin it with a friend who showed me a mirrored version of my painting which inspired the Brainfood Hoodie. 

The painting is by far one of the most detailed I've done. It has an endless variety of characters, vivid colors, and makes for a great piece of apparel. 

The hoodie has some additional cool details: Front & Back all over printed details, Two-piece hood, teal drawstrings with metal hardware, and all-over printed inside/outside of hood. We also offer this hoodie as a zippered version.

Fit & Material: The fit is slightly Euro-cut, we highly recommend you to size up (wear M -> order L). 100% Polyester, this hoodie will not fade, crack, shrink, etc.

Follow Wash instructions on inside shirt hem for best washing results (*do not put in drier*).


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