STOWN LTD. is a Street wear brand whose goal is to create wearable art and inspire
anyone our brand reaches. The company was founded in July of 2011 which we
introduced with a limited run of New Era fitted caps, and a burning desire to make it in
the street wear industry. Since our humble beginnings, the brand has infiltrated a
number of foreign countries,  we've collaborated with legendary Graffiti artists, created
our own jewelry, and continue to push the envelope when it comes to producing
imaginative, high-quality products which command respect.

STOWN LTD. is seeking a Social Media/Internet Marketing Specialist to be responsible
for the strategy, management, and implementation of social media strategies, as well as
assisting in developing our internet presence.

Roles and Responsibilities
-Leverage social media platforms to effectively market the brand
-Develop digital social media strategies for the different social media platforms  
(Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr)
-Develop/Carry out strategy for Internet marketing (Including SEO, e-mail campaigns)
-Generate "leads" for the company on social media plat forms that will lead to retail
-Utilize Social media to compile Lists of buyers/celebrity stylists within the street wear

-Must love street wear
-Must be a team player
-Ability to Multitask
-Strong Social Media/Internet Knowledge
-Proactive work ethic with the ability to prioritize tasks
-Must have a strong social media presence
  This is a unpaid internship. If you are interested in breaking into the street-wear industry and the perks that come with it this just might be what your looking for. If you happen to have a proclivity for social media and internet marketing this is the perfect fit for you. Please keep in mind our company's HQ is in Suffolk County, Long Island and we would need our intern at least 1-2 days a week on location. We look forward to hearing from all interested applicants.  All serious inquires Please email

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